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Using Swift Mailer plugins with Laravel 4

The default mail system for Laravel 4 is Swift Mailer. Laravel 4 provides a neat wrapper for Swift Mailer which utilizes Laravels native views etc for templating html emails. To use Swift Mailer plugins with the native Mail implementation all … – Continue reading


Using Selenium Server 2 and PHPUnit to automate browser acceptance testing

I’m writing this so I don’t have to go through it all again! This is how I set up my Debian Squeeze development server to handle automated browser acceptance testing with PHPUnit and Selenium. As a quick side note, I … – Continue reading


Laravel 4 First Thoughts

The Laravel 4 beta has been out for a few weeks now and it’s beta release just so happened to coincide with me looking for a new PHP framework. I’ve been having a play with it and I must say … – Continue reading


UK Data.gov Property Price Mash Up

Mashing UK crime data with property prices. – Continue reading


Problems embedding true type fonts with TCPDF

After spending many hours pulling my hair out trying to embed True Type fonts in a pdf document using TCPDF¬†and php, I learnt an undocumented an invaluable lesson. The problem font was Helvetica Neue (thin and roman versions). I had … – Continue reading


Re-routing emails to a development email address with php and SwiftMailer

How to use a simple SwiftMailer plugin to re-route emails to a development email address when developing and testing, with no extra coding. – Continue reading


php $_FILES array shorter than expected and max_file_uploads sillyness

Recently I had a strange error with a large form that uploaded multiple images to a server. The problem was that not all of the images made it to the server. Strange, I thought, so I did all the usual … – Continue reading


Find and replace html links with PHP

A simple php function to automatically parse web links into html a tags. – Continue reading