UK Property Price Mash Up

If you can’t be bothered with my rambling you can check out the app here.

I’ve been wanting to have a play with the site for a while now. I really believe in open data and¬†remember thinking when it was released how wonderful it was that this sort of thing was finally available in the UK. So when my good friend and fellow developer¬†told me he would be in town and would I like to spend a day hacking something together it turned out to be a good chance to have a dig.

For some reason I was drawn to the crime data and thought it would be interesting, although not very compelling, to write something that told you the statistical chance of being murdered compared to the average house price in any given location. It’s like when you compare 2 non related data sets and draw some meaningless conclusion, like “there have been more car crashes on the A30 since Google finally took Gmail out of beta”. We thought a more useful approach would be to mash up property price data (rentals and purchase prices) with various crime data, more as a tool for anyone interested in property.

We came up with this little web app. It does just that based on either a given postcode or your current location. To be honest the location option is much more accurate at the moment because of the way we get postcode data (needs some work still), which means this app works great when out and about on mobile.

The interface needs a bit of tarting up, but it’s not bad for what amounted to a few hours work after a morning of faffing. Also the name sucks, although it does remind me of Super Hans from peep show.

2 Responses to Find and replace html links with PHP

  1. Jamie says:

    Very cool and I imagine pretty handy too. Nice work.

    - might be an idea to label the location as
    wasn’t sure if they’d changed as they loaded so quick,

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Jamie. Good idea too, its pretty basic at the moment but we’d like to improve it when we have some time!

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